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Exclusive Welcome Gifts


Reveal Welcome Gift Secrets

Congratulations! Only at Vietnam Destination Tours, customer who finalizes Vietnam tour booking (from or over 8 days tour) will own a beautiful box of Welcome Gifts worth $39 USD including necessary stuffs for travelling. You can easily bring gifts back home afterward. 

Delicately, VDT gifts are privately designed & they're all our best wishes to dear customer like you. 
*limited gifts quantity

Besides receiving 1O gifts, you are also given a Vietnam Lucky Money with our General Director signature. This small note makes your foreign currency collection bigger & bigger after travelling.



 VDT Luggage Tag

It’s simple to note your tag useful information that is visible at a distance to locate your luggage easier among others

VDT Drawstring backpack

It’s super light-weight, convenient. You can keep bottles of water, sun cream, sun glasses, snack, camera

 VDT Neck Pillow

Whether you're on plane, car, you can get some good sleep, sweet dreams with this comfortable & air supportive neck pillow

 VDT Porcelain Cup

Good Tea/ coffee Needs A Good Cup. This retains heat, keeping your third cup of tea/ coffee as hot and tasty as your first

 Vietnam Coffee

Vietnam ranks No.2 in exporting coffee in the world (after Brazil). Let's try Vietnam best coffee chosen by VDT.

 Vietnam Tea

Treat yourself with a cup of tea originated from Vietnam

 VDT Notebook           

It can be with you for your recording, writing down to do list, your thought, drawing or scrapbooking 

 VDT Pen

It can be with you for your writing or signing

 VDT Cap

This is a classic & stylish option for you to protect your head & face from sunburnt

 VDT Keychain

Don't worry about losing your keys. Let VDT Keychain helps you to remember



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